“Bee Balmy is the best treatment I’ve yet found for my psoriasis and I am loving being smooth and scale-free for the first time in years – not even any red patches any more. I had such success treating my elbows and knees that I now use it as an all-over body moisturiser as a defence against the dry Joburg winters. I have given little pots to my extended family and friends and they are all converts now too.” – Brigitte Read

“It soothes, it heals, it’s natural and it’s necessary. Apart from fighting eczema, it also fights for the conservation of bees.” – Erik Schnack

“I have used it on my entire body, especially in winter. It sinks in quickly and does not make your clothes sticky. I love it.” – Marsha Pretorius

“A friend gave me a jar of Bee Balmy with lavender and calendula flowers  after some cancer treatment to my nose.  I found it immensely soothing and healing. A beautiful, natural product which I  use every night. My skin feels nourished and moisturized.” – Nicola Gebers

“I find the balm so soothing for cracked lips and fingers. I proudly use Bee Balmy. It’s truly good. Thanks my sister! Blessings on your new business.” – Catherine Letcher

“This is the best balm ever – we love your product, Sarah! Thank you for bringing it into our home. After buying many different body butters, we can say with surety that Bee Balmy is absolutely the best of them all!” – Anel Prins


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